Rembrandt and Kiki are bilingual twins who have a Dutch mother and an English father. They love to have fun as they discover the world around them. Each book tells a different adventure in the lives of Rembrandt and Kiki.

Rembrandt & Kiki Move to The Netherlands

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Along with Mummy and Daddy, Rembrandt and Kiki move house from England to The Netherlands. They help pack the lorry but get a little bit distracted! What do they find in the boxes?

front cover move to nl

Rembrandt & Kiki in the Museum

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Rembrandt and Kiki are on a school trip to the museum. There is so much to see and do, what could possibly go wrong?

front cover museum

Rembrandt & Kiki at the Farm

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Grandma and Granddad take Rembrandt and Kiki to the farm. They have a lovely day with all the animals but why does Rembrandt smell of cowpats?

front cover farm

Rembrandt & Kiki at the Beach

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What is there not to love about the beach? Mummy, Daddy, Rembrandt and Kiki cycle to the beach and discover all sorts of fun and mischief in the sand! Where is Kiki’s hair and where are Rembrandt’s swimming trunks?


Rembrandt & Kiki in the Forest

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Autumn is here and Mummy, Daddy, Rembrandt and Kiki go for a peaceful walk in the forest. They collect leaves, see a rainbow and find conkers and acorns, but how do they become so muddy?

front cover forest

Rembrandt & Kiki in the Snow

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Winter is here and Rembrandt and Kiki love the snow…. skating, sledging and snowball fights!  Can they manage to skate on the canal without falling over?