Teaching Dutch as a second language

Rembrandt & Kiki is the perfect complement to teaching Dutch in the early years of primary school. As well as lively illustrations and an engaging storyline, there is a vocabulary list at the back of each book which focuses on the theme of the book.

The scheme of work accompanying the book comprises a whole range of subjects and activities, through which the teacher can confidently stimulate the use of a second language. There are also online resources for use with the digiboard as well as the free audiobook.

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Scheme of Work

We have included as many subjects as possible in the scheme of work, in order to make it a multifunctional book series. The scheme of work is immediately accessible through the worksheets and pictures that can be used via the digiboard. The variety of lessons and activites stimulates, amongst others:

  • Language
  • Maths
  • Communication
  • Drama
  • Fine motor skills
  • Story telling

How does the book work?


Each book is based on a theme that the children can relate to. This is important in encouraging the use of the second language. The first book is about moving house, the second about the body, the third about a farm, and so on.

Vocabulary List

The story in the book is written in Dutch (on the left page) and English (on the right page). Certain words in the story are highlighted and these words correspond with the vocabulary list at the back of the book. The highlighted words are often repeated throughout the story so that the focus is on learning the vocabulary list words within the context of the theme.

Search for the flags

Children can work independently with the book by searching for the Dutch and British flags hidden on every page.

 Why order the scheme of work?

  • The series is particularly effective for teaching children a second language in either Dutch or English.
  • The series is immediately accessible, and easily integrated into all teaching programmes and subjects.
  • Children will learn readily through their enjoyment of the stories.

What do you get?

  1. Hardback book with vocabulary list.
  2. Paperback book with vocabulary list.
  3. Complete scheme of work.
  4. Access to all the pictures in the book for use on the digiboard.
  5. Hard copies of and online access to all the worksheets.
  6. Free audiobooks via the website and App.

We are happy to give a free presentation at your school as to how the series works.

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